Sunday AM Worship Service (10:30am)

Pastor Welchʼs clear commitment to an expository pulpit ministry is in evidence week after week as the church family works through books of the Bible. The church tries hard to stay away from an entertainment mindset as special music is offered to God. The congregational singing is full and rich; and the atmosphere is both friendly and reverential.

Sunday School Hour (9:30am)

Over the years, the Sunday School hour has been an on purpose means of providing discipleship. The Word of God is studied in a systematic manner in age appropriate classes.

Sunday Evening Service (6:00pm)

This time is used to sharpen the focus of the church family. Scriptural topics and doctrine are dealt with in a practical manner. Missionaries are regular guests throughout the calendar year during the Sunday Evening Service.

Prayer Meeting  (6:30pm Wednesday)

Throughout the year, the church family meets to celebrate Godʼs goodness and to seek His mercy and grace for our needs.

Youth Ministry (6:30pm Wednesday)

VBC believes that it is important to assist parents in the great task of making disciples with our children and teens. Our full time Youth Minister has developed a ministry that is geared to the spiritual growth and maturity of our teens. Yes, the teens have fun; but once again we are not seeking to entertain our youth. We believe that God uses godly teens for His glory as they love, worship, and serve Him!
Our Youth meet together during the Sunday School Hour as well as each Wednesday evening for planned discipleship!

Childrenʼs Ministry (6:30pm Wednesday)

We are committed to walking alongside parents as they train their children for Godʼs glory and good. We offer classes for each age group during the Sunday School Hour; and for children 4 year olds through the 2nd grade we have a dynamic Childrenʼs Church ministry during our Sunday Worship time. more…

Small Group Bible Studies:

Throughout the school year, Bible studies conducted in homes are offered.

Child Care:

For each of the regularly scheduled services of VBC, nursery care is provided.