Be Equipped.

Our Equip ministries offer Biblical education that is applicable for the daily lives of all ages.

Current classes available:

Bible Study Methods and Rules of Interpretation

An introduction to basic Bible study methods and rules of interpretation with emphasis on accurately understanding and obeying God’s Word and the development of practical skills. Students will learn to determine what Scripture says, what it means, and how it can be applied.

Bible Doctrine Survey

A survey of the ten major doctrines of the Bible with an emphasis on knowing God more fully while understanding and practicing sound theology. The ten major doctrines include:
  1. Theology Proper (Study of God);
  2. Bibliology (Study of the Bible);
  3. Christology (Study of Jesus Christ);
  4. Pneumatology (Study of the Holy Spirit);
  5. Angelology (Study of Angels);
  6. Anthropology (Study of Man);
  7. Hamartiology (Study of Sin);
  8. Soteriology (Study of Salvation);
  9. Ecclesiology (Study of the Church);
  10. Eschatology (Study of Future Things).

Equip Kids is a Sunday night ministry of Victory Baptist Church that seeks to teach the children to love God and His word through learning Scripture, sharing engaging stories, and singing biblical songs.


 Join us for these enriching opportunities.